I had a very busy day today, as did many individuals.  Two of my biggest highlights occurred when I took a minute to go outside and see what was going on with nature today.  I absolutely love spending time in nature and seeing the beautiful, amazing, changing world we live in and interact with.

The first break was around 2.30 when I finally had lunch.  I took my plate outside and sat on the lowest step of the deck, with my feet on the ground.  I just sat there and watched the birds take baths in the bird bath, the breeze blow through the trees and enjoyed my food.  All of a sudden a robin flew down and landed about 4 feet from me.  We were both very surprised to see each other.  The robin stood there for a few seconds and then flew off.

A few hours later I took another break to just get a minute or two of fresh air.  When I went out there one of our resident wild bunnies was enjoying the hostas and other plants in the back of the yard.  I absolutely love seeing the animals in nature, living and coexisting with us humans.  The bunny just sat around a little then hopped over to the hostas and began nibbling.

One of the greatest things about being a spiritual human is about being awakened to the amazing details that nature holds.  It gives me such joy to be mere feet away from real, wild animals, real green plants, sun-warmed stones and bright blue skies.

Those very brief moments reminded me why I am so grateful for so much in my life.  I am thankful for the really simple things, things that many people take for granted, like being close to a robin or bunny.  I am grateful for the things that haven’t happened yet!  I’m grateful for the people I have yet to meet, to interact with, to learn from, to help, to grow with, to share deep moments with, and so much more.

So, with a grateful heart I look forward to the adventures, blessings and surprises that tomorrow will bring.


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