Reasons to love relationships

The more time I spend listening to seminars and interacting with people, the more I am reminded of how powerful relationships are.  Relationships really make the world go ’round.  While there are many benefits of relationships, three are support, wisdom and fun.  And, just to clarify, by relationships, I mean friendships, family, work, marriage/partner/significant other, and even the passing relationships you have with strangers like the individual who gives you your morning coffee or checks you out at the supermarket.

Support is something that so many people are in need of today.  Whether you’re a single mom, struggling business person, feeling like you’re a lost soul, recently jobless, struggling with your finances, or you’re alive today are just a few reasons why having the support of a relationship is essential.  We were not on earth to be alone.  Your life journey is not meant for you to do it alone.  Journeys, whether they be road trips, late homework nights, new businesses, or families, are meant to be done together.  Without the support of a friend, coworker, partner or family member, you may not even be able to complete your journey!  Having someone there with you in both the tough times and the good times just makes it easier or more fun!

The wisdom that another person can bring to your situation is amazing.  One of the great benefits of having relationships are to get another person’s perspective on something else. True, sometimes you will get unsolicited, and unwelcome advice, but that advice ALWAYS contains some bit of truth or wisdom that you can apply.  Even if that truth just reflects back to you that the individual saying it needs more love and relationships in their life!  But when you’re looking at your situation, you can see one or more sides of it.  You certainly will be missing something that someone else can suggest to you that will shine new light on the situation or give you a fresh thought about it.

The most exciting aspect of relationships has to be fun!  We are on earth to have a good time, to celebrate together, to work together, to play together.  These interactions shouldn’t be painful.  If they are either you need to check out your responsibility in the interaction (words, facial expressions, body language, tone, enthusiasm, participation), or you need to check to make sure that the individual you’re interacting with is a good fit with who you are, the values and the lifestyle you have.  Science has shown that the more we relate, the more we laugh, the more we enjoy life and live our lives, the longer we will live and the happier we will be!  How great is that?!  Therefore, it is absolutely vital to your health, self-esteem, attitude and longevity for you to have happy, fulfilling relationships!  Sure, you’ll piss each other off occasionally, but the majority of the time you will be a blessing and a benefit to each other.

I love having relationships.  I love all the challenges that relationships bring with them. Frankly, the challenges in the relationships bring out the best in me!  What are some things that you can do to put more support in your relationships, to share wisdom with a friend or have more fun?


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