Love, Hope and Changed Lives

One of my favorite topics is love. Whether I’m in a relationship or not, love is always a crucial part of my life.  There are countless amazing quotes, sayings, writings and artistic renderings of love because no one ever finds all the words or ways to describe what love is.    Maybe that’s because love is an ever-changing, ever-revealing emotion, for lack of a better word.  Love has so many sides that I don’t doubt for a moment that even at the end of our lives we haven’t seen or experienced all the dimensions of love.  The two aspects of love I would like to consider today are hope and life.

Love brings hope.  Love creates hope.  Love encourages hope.  Love of life, love of animals, love of nature, love of creativity, love of taking walks, love of a better future, love of those I know, love of those I have yet to meet, all these give me hope to keep living and making a difference in the world.  Even when things seem difficult because of natural disasters, human disasters (like the gulf), political challenges, life struggles and difficult relationships, I know that at any point I want I can look deep inside myself and be reminded of love.  Maybe it’s the mystery and excitement surrounding love, whatever it is I just can’t let it go!  That spark within me keeps the fires of love burning, fanning the flames of hope.

Love changes lives.  I believe it is a fact that without their mothers (or a surrogate mother), animal and human babies can’t survive.  There are essential emotions, emotions of strength, connection, life force and love that are conveyed between mother and baby in those early days/weeks of life.  You can probably remember the first crush you had that either completely broke your heart or gave you a new determination to excel at life.  Love can give you reason to keep living or to change your life for the better.  Love can help you soften some of your rougher habits and qualities, and can soften even the toughest of people.

Whether you need some life-affirming or a reason to get up tomorrow, look no further than love. What hope and life has love helped you find?

*As I’ve said, love is a never ending conversation.  So, every month or so I’ll include a new post on love.  Keep checking back for more!


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