If You Could Do Anything…

Motivation.  An often illusive item.  Are you motivated in life about something right now?  Are you pursuing something (or someone) with passion right now?  What can a little motivation do for you?

Let’s start with the results of not being motivated.  When you’re not motivated, things don’t get done.  You don’t accomplish things in life, have dreams, achieve your dreams, or even feel satisfied about your life.  If you’re not motivated it is very difficult to act upon the things that you know must be changed or addressed in your life, whether it be jobs, work, relationships, family, spirituality, your future, or other things.  Life is boring and slow and pretty much stinks when you’re not motivated.  You might be in pain or depressed and therefore it’s understandably hard for you to feel motivated.  It’s super challenging, to be successful if you’re not motivated.

What are you lacking the motivation to pursue?  Let’s talk about your dreams.  What are your dreams in life?  Are they to have a great business or job, be healthy, have a supportive family, super amazing children, a hot husband/wife/partner?  Do you dream about changing a child’s life in Africa, about coming up with a cure for Alzheimer’s, or planting a neighborhood garden?  What would you do if you could do anything?

Where can we find the motivation to accomplish those dreams?  If you are really serious about accomplishing those dreams you have great motivation right there.  Write down those dreams and look at them every day.  Seeing these dreams daily will help you set goals that will help you reach these goals.  Each day find something, however small, that you can do that will help you take one step towards accomplishing your dreams and goals.  Second, find motivational speakers and/or writers that really speak to you such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Max Lucado, John Assaraf, Randy Pausch, Anthony Robbins, the Bible and others.  Listen to or read, at the very minimum, 10 minutes of inspiration every day to keep yourself filled with motivation and encouragement.  Finally, find a buddy who will help you be motivated and achieve your dreams and goals.  This could be a friend, spouse/partner, family member, coach or business partner.  If you’re working with someone else you’re much more likely to accomplish that which you want to achieve.

I would love if you would post your answers to any of the questions asked or what your dreams in life are below!


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