Blowing Our Clouds Away

I absolutely love the sun. I think in a past life I must have been a sun-worshiper haha.  I am so excited by the solar technology and all the advances that are taking place to let sun play an active role in our lives as humans, just like it does for plants.  I love catching a few rays whenever I can. What does the sun have to teach us about healing?

One day I discovered that behind the clouds the sky was actually blue! Clouds covered the beautiful blue sky.  The sky didn’t change color and the sun didn’t really go away.  They were both just covered up!  It’s hard when you’re struggling with a physical or emotional pain to see anything but the clouds, believe me, I know.  But somewhere behind the clouds that are around or inside you, is your absolute beauty, your unique personality, you! You haven’t gone anywhere, you aren’t lost, you are simply covered up by the gray stormy clouds.  So while you’re in the midst of the storm, how do you get out?

The power of the sun is amazing.  It has healing properties, warms the planet, gives life to all who live under it and is a source of power.  When you’re buried beneath your clouds, remember your sun.  Remember that it is just hiding beneath or behind the clouds.  You are waiting to re-emerge after the clouds disappear.  Until then, do things you enjoy.  Take a walk on the beach (or around your neighborhood), paint, garden or do other hands-on activities, read inspiring books, listen to spiritual music; do whatever relaxes you, what you enjoy most and you feel most natural doing.  Doing these activities that are the very essence of you will help you shake off the clouds and be reunited with the sun deep inside.

I encourage you to share below what makes you shine!


3 thoughts on “Blowing Our Clouds Away

  1. I love the sun too. After a cold winter nothing feels better to me than going out and laying full in the sunshine. It feels like the universe is wrapping it’s arms around me and giving me a big hug.
    Sometimes we get so bogged down in what we are doing we forget not only who we are, but why we are here. Stopping to remember the sun and all the other presents of nature is one thing that I do to shrug off my earthly cares and remember who I really am and why I am here.

  2. Sometimes after a long cold winter, I love to go out in the warm spring sunshine and lay full body in the sun. It feels like the whole universe is giving me a great big hug and all is right again with the world.
    You are so right about stopping to observe nature and remembering, in our hectic lives, why we are really here and our more important purposes life.

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