Growing at your own rate

As I was picking tomatoes off the tomato plants the other day it got me thinking about how tomatoes, and fruits and vegetables in general, are a lot like people.  See in the picture that there are some red tomatoes and some green tomatoes?  The green ones look bigger than the red ones, yet they’re not red yet!  The simple truth the tomatoes share with us is that each of us develops differently.  Some people are born ready to do great things, and others don’t find their groove until they’re 60+!  When the time is right, you’ll be ready.  In the mean time, don’t worry about being ‘green.’  Instead, work on building yourself up with good food, good friends, and good learning.  So then, when it is your time, you’ll be ready.

Share below how you get ready while you’re waiting, or what you’re waiting for.


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