Beach Song

Would you sit with me?

Just for a little while, here where it’s cool, sunny and calm.

There you go, have a seat next to me.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Let’s listen to the crashing waves together,

Feel the warm breezes blow.

Relax, it’s just us and the ocean.

No screaming children, no nagging parents,

No piles of work, no partner demanding attention.

Do you smell that salt air?

It reminds me of being a kid again,

Running with the waves, chasing sea gulls.

I can feel my heart beating again.

My breath is slow, calming.

The earth, whispering to my heart,

The oldest love song.

Feeling the ocean wrapping you with love.


Must you go so soon?

Come back soon my friend.

We’ll be waiting.


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