Cheer or Fear?

This past week I dove into a book that isn’t frequently read or highlighted as suggested reading in the Bible: Leviticus.  While I didn’t have as many insights as I usually would in a 27 chapter book, I did have a few that I will be sharing over this week’s blog posts.  Today’s topic is from Leviticus 25, the Year of Jubilee.

According to the laws set up in Leviticus, the Year of Jubilee happens every 50 years.  Basically in that 50th year the Israelites return to the land that was their ‘original’ family land (in the Promised Land), return any land they purchased to its original Israelite owners, eating only what the land provides, not working, and freeing any Israelite servants.  The 50th year is a time to proclaim freedom throughout the land, as well as rest for the people and encourage a specific, more direct focus on God.

As I was reading about the Year of Jubilee, two thoughts crossed my mind about how the Israelites would be feeling during this time; scared and excited.

Scared: Think about it.  You’ve got your whole life about to be turned upside-down.  You’re either going to lose your hired help or you’re going to be losing your land, or moving to a new place.  There’s a lot of change and transitioning going on.  And if you’ve got little babies, old relatives or a large family, it’s a challenge to make this transition.

Excited: You’re going to a new place most likely.  This journey is an opportunity with unknown blessings and challenges.  If you’re a servant being freed, you’ve now got your freedom to find a new family to work with, or if you’ve saved enough, to buy land and have your own business.

The Year of Jubilee is really a big year of trust in God.  Your whole future is up in the air and you have to trust that this Year of Jubilee is a good idea and works to your benefit.

The Year of Jubilee is none too different from the challenging, tumultuous times that we’re living in right now.  It’s evoking a lot of fear as well as a lot of excitement.  It is an opportunity for you to take hold of your life.  Start a business, work at a job you actually like, or spend more time with your family.  Regardless of how you have approached this time of transition so far, all is not lost, you still have time to make empowered decisions about your future.

What opportunities will you be taking advantage of now? (share below)


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