Celebrate Today

Today I want to talk about something that gets overlooked frequently, but especially in the time of economic change we are going through; celebration. Celebration not only helps to transform feelings of depression, it also unites people.  I can remember back to some parties where the next time you saw someone from the party it was a celebration all over again because you had had such a great time together.  So let’s look at two things we can celebrate here and now.  By the way, there’s never a need for a holiday; you can simply celebrate because it’s Tuesday, or any other day of the week.

Celebrate each other.  Celebrate that you’re not alone, celebrate for the sake of working together, living together, driving together or meeting an old friend at a coffee shop or bar.  Plan weekly celebrations even if you don’t have a birthday or want to spend a lot of money.  Celebrations can simply be people getting together with coffee or a drink from their house and just having fun!  You don’t have to have large or catered parties every week, just get together and have fun!

Celebrate life.  When you’re alone and don’t have others to celebrate with, or even when there are others around, you can celebrate simply being alive in the world today.  It is truly a gift to have life and be alive, no matter what is going on in the world or challenging you in your life.  So curl up with that book and a cup of tea, perhaps a snack also, and just enjoy being who you are, doing what you like.  Or treat yourself to some ice cream or a funny movie rental, or take a walk and celebrate the beautiful creatures and plants outside.

Laughter goes a long way to healing broken hearts, wounds, and physical illnesses.  And with celebration usually comes laughter.  What will you celebrate today? (share below)


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