Being a Blessing

Typically on another blog of mine Fridays are all about family.  Today though, Family Friday is visiting this blog.  At the end of the day how do you return home from wherever you are?  Do you return home to relax, to eat, to sleep, and/or to bless your family?  I was reading recently about a leader who had just completed a great task, and the chapter ended by saying that he went home to bless his family.  I was taken a bit off guard by that statement.  After all, we all give all day long at our jobs or in our businesses, so having the attitude of continuing to give once we’re home may surprise some of you as well.  Before I go any further let me tell you the number one reason you should consider blessing those in your home: because a large percentage of people go home to an unhappy, at odds, tired, unpleasant home situation.  If you’re the least bit interested in looking forward to going home and being with your family, I encourage you to keep reading.

What does it mean to be a blessing anyway? shares that being a blessing means to bestow good of any kind upon someone.  There are tons of ways you can bless someone!  I’m going to share a few, but I encourage you to share more ways to be a blessing at home below!

Come home a little early or on time instead of being late.

Bring dessert home.

Help your kids with their homework so your partner doesn’t have to.

Read an extra book with your kids before they go to bed.

Help make dinner or set the table.

Clean up around the house without being asked.

Instead of coming in and complaining or asking questions, greet your partner with a hug and a kiss.

Listen to what your partner is saying instead of ignoring them.

Spend some time doing something different like giving your partner a massage or letting them have the TV remote.

Play with your pet.

(share your suggestions for being a blessing below!)


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