Fall Changes

Fall has officially arrived in the USA.  We’re starting to see trees change colors and the temperatures are definitely not those of summertime.  With fall comes the opportunity for some introspection and consideration of where our lives are.  Are you happy with your life?  With the people in your life?  With your job?  As you consider your answers, let’s journey through the stages of fall and stages of spiritual lives.

Fall as an end to summer:  Summer is a time for producing things, for life to be in full swing and full of life.  Typically it is the time that people take breaks at work and spend time with family and friends.  But all good things must come to an end, and so summer must take a break and allow us to return to growing, changing, reshaping and reconditioning.

Fall as a time of change:  With trees dropping their leaves, plants dying and things cooling off, fall is a great time to put extra effort into spending time in nature.  Take advantage of cooler temperatures and enjoy the spirituality that is present in nature.  As nature changes, consider where you can make changes to lighten your load and improve yourself and your life.  Home organization, developing your creativity or establishing your spiritual habits and practices for example.

Fall as a time before winter: Winter is a time when everyone buckles down and hides away.  Before winter arrives, make sure that you’re putting in place a strong foundation for the growth that will come with spring.  Fall is a great time to prepare for winter, and for a new year.  But fall is also an opportunity to prepare for dark nights of the soul.  Be prepared for winter snows and icy days, as well as the challenges that will present themselves to you spiritually.

I invite you to share what you love about fall best below!


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