Good Foundations

There are a lot of important aspects to life.  I’ve learned that one thing makes or breaks the other aspects of life.  What I’m talking about is having, and maintaining, your life’s foundation. What are the aspects of one’s foundation? Well, let me share with you mine.  These 4 aspects are things that I believe make up a solid foundation that will support you no matter what happens in your life.

Vision/mission/values:  these are the guidelines that will be one of two tools you will use to help you make judgment calls about the people you bring into your life, the jobs you take and the way you live.  Once you have established what your life vision and mission are, as well as the values or morals that you live by, you will struggle less when making decisions about life changes, new opportunities and the direction your life is going in.

Spiritual practices: this is the second tool that will help you have good judgment about the people and things that are a part of your life.  Spiritual practices include spending time with those who have similar beliefs, reading books, articles, blogs etc that expand your spiritual knowledge and spending time daily in prayer, meditation and other spiritual practices.

Time in nature: nature is one of the world’s greatest gifts to us and I believe that not only do we need to spend time in nature away from the energy of computers and the infrastructure we have created, but we also need to spend the time in nature relaxing, appreciating nature, and connecting with nature.  Nature used to be a major part of everyday life but so many scarcely spend any more time than it takes them to walk to their car before and after work and back into the house.  Nature’s fresh air, healing energy and real drive for life should be appreciated and taken advantage of daily.

Mindful living/eating: how we spend our time and what we eat are two things that determine how the rest of our day/life goes.  If we spend all our free time watching TV, eating junk food and hanging out at bars with friends, we’re not really helping our life or body.  I’m not recommending you drink only water, exercise with all your free time and eat only salads, what I do recommend is that you live with balance.  Think about what you’re going to eat before you just do it.  Consider if a healthier option is available that would also satisfy you.  Do watch TV but also spend time reading books, with family and friends and getting exercise.  There are more ways than just visiting bars and other restaurants to have fun with friends.  Try hiking or having a backyard party with some football or Frisbee.

You may have the foundation in place, but it’s essential to make sure you’re taking care of the foundation daily.  What are the daily practices you do that help you maintain your foundation? (share below)


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