Living with Passion

Life is full of challenges, but that doesn’t mean you have to get taken down by all of them or lose hope.  By dedicating your life to your passions, you can overcome the challenges and enjoy your life! Let’s look at a few thoughts about living with passion.

What is a passion anyway?  Your passion could be anything that you love doing, anyone you love being with, or any cause that is close to your heart.

Do at least one of your passions every day.  If you love painting, spend a half hour daily painting. If you love kids, spend time with kids daily. If you love cooking, make a home cooked meal every day.  If you are passionate about your spouse, spend time with them every day.  If you’re passionate about your spiritual relationship, spend time daily reading and listening to inspiration.

When you have to make a decision between doing something you’re passionate about and something else, choose in favor of your passion.  By choosing your passion over something, or someone, else, not only will you feel better about the decision, you’re showing to others and to the world that you’re serious about your passions and that they are important to you.

Once you’re living your passions, you’ll find the results are amazing.  You’ll feel more positive about life, you’ll feel more relaxed, you’ll feel happier and more patient.  You’ll begin to look forward to things, you’ll inspire others to live for their passions too.

So what does it mean to live your passion with passion?  It means living a life in touch with your emotions.  It means living a life that fulfills you and enriches your spirit.  It means loving and living life, not being dragged down by it or discouraging others.  When you live your life, and your passions, with passion, you will inspire others to live a life of happiness, fullness and completeness.  If we all live our lives with, and about, our passions, the world will be a richer place!

Share how you incorporate your passions into your daily life below!


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