All Together Now

Today is Friday, and Fridays are great for thinking about life topics and family thoughts.  Today I thought we could talk about why it’s important to spend time together as a family.

Growth: One of the best ways to grow, change and develop is with others.  As a family, or as parents, the responsibility is to raise children with good values, winning characters and smarts.  If you’re not a part of your parent’s, your kid’s, or your sibling’s lives, take time to get to know them better.  You never know what they can teach you or what you can share with them.

Inspiration: One of the most important things is to help establish a solid foundation for your family.  Reading inspirational books by Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Jack Canfield, and/or spiritual books like the Bible, Tommy Tenney’s books, or Max Lucado’s books and other spiritual books, are an important part of this foundation.  Another part is making sure that the family watches less news on TV and spends more time reading books, being creative, being outside and playing with toys.

Activities: What you do with your family will be some of the lasting memories from your life and theirs.  Take time to make weekends special; go apple picking, to the beach, make snowmen, and/or go to a baseball game.   Don’t forget about taking family vacations every year or every few years.  Showing your kids around your country or to an island is a great opportunity to build relationships and memories.

Share your favorite family activities below!


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