Fear and Freedom

I’ve been really touched by some of the quotes I’ve been sharing on Twitter lately.  One is from Nelson Mandela, one of my favorite leaders: “As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

This month we’ve been talking about fears in relationships and in our lives quite a bit.  Halloween is a time that we often see movies about fears, things designed to scare us and kids, and celebrate all things scary for a month (really sounds strange doesn’t it!).  This quote reminds me of the guy who goes with all his friends to the haunted house, but instead of being scared, points out all the wires, fake people and tricks and totally ruins the fun of the haunted house for all his friends.

It’s just like this in life.  As you approach and tackle your fears, you can then help others who have the same fears work through them and be liberated (freed) as well.  But rather than ruining the experience for those people, you’re actually given them the opportunity to have an even better life experience because they’re not stuck in their fears!

So just like the guy who knew the tricks of the fun house, I encourage you to look for answers to the things that you fear.  When you find answers, or others help you find answers, not only will you feel free, but you’ll be able to help others because you’re not stuck believing something that isn’t necessary to believe.

Share your thoughts and fears below.


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