Stepping Up Self-Confidence

One of the most challenging things for people is confidence.  Some people over pretend they are confident, and others have absolutely no confidence in themselves.  My suggestion to you is to not lie about your true confidence, but instead look for assistance in building up your confidence to a healthy level.  As a confident individual, you’re more likely to have friends, be happy, achieve success, and love yourself.  Today I’ve got 3 great resources to share with you about building your confidence.  With each I’ve included a link and highlighted a point or two.

1-MindTools Building Self-Confidence article: This article is not only thorough, it gives you links to additional articles that will help you with other aspects of self-confidence.  There’s a great little chart that will help you differentiate between confidence and low self-confidence, as well as setting and achieving goals.

2-Pick The Brain’s 10 ways to build self-confidence: Of their 10, I especially like their suggestions of watching how you dress, having good posture, and complimenting other people.  Some of the comments at the bottom are also really good.

3-A great article on building Self-Confidence: Not only are there 11 great ideas, including identifying successes, being thankful, and helping others, there’s also a video, some tips and a warning!

Share below what one step you are going to take today to work on your self-confidence!


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