Finding Freedom

Healing is slow to happen in life if you are without freedom.  I don’t think that anyone is unable to heal from the situations, experiences and memories in their lives if they have freedom.

What is freedom?  When you’re free, you’re able to properly process what happened, seek guidance and support from appropriate individuals and continue living your life by putting the situation, experience and/or memory in your past.  In order to have that freedom, there are two key things to consider.

Freedom from others:  It’s unbelievably difficult to gain freedom if others don’t let us. We shouldn’t have to depend on others to give us our freedom, but so frequently we do need their ‘permission’ to have freedom.  Think of the parents who want you to pursue a certain career or relationship.  They need to give you freedom to pursue something/someone else.  If you’re in a relationship but don’t want to be anymore, your partner needs to give you your freedom to be with someone else.  If you’re at a job you don’t like but your boss won’t let you leave and tries to bribe you to stay, you need their freedom to go.  If you’ve been with the same friends for years and don’t think they’re right for you where you are in your life, you need them to let go of you so you can go onto another part of your life.

Freedom from ourselves: This freedom can often be more difficult than gaining freedom from others.  We have to give ourselves permission to let the people, experiences and memories in our past be no more than memories.  We need to give ourselves permission to lead new lives down new paths with new memories, careers and people.  If we are unable to give ourselves the permission to find freedom from the past, we can’t expect to have any kind of quality future.

What areas of your life do you need to ask for freedom from others or give yourself freedom in?

I encourage you to share your thoughts below.


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