Finding Peace

Today begins a series of posts about very holiday-themed topics that are important to consider during the holiday season no matter what your religion, spiritual practice, spiritual beliefs or lifestyle is.  We begin our holiday journey with the topic of peace.  There are a few things in the world everyone is seeking; money, happiness and peace top the list.  If it’s so sought after, why don’t we have it?  There are countless ways advertised to get more money, from saving, spending less, only buying bargains or with coupons, getting another job, investing and starting a business.  Many people say you can find happiness through meditation, yoga, friends, family, possessions and giving back to others.  But what about peace?  Where is peace?

Peace is in the silence.  Have you ever taken a walk through the fresh snow?  Or up a mountain?  Or on a deserted stretch of beach?  Did you notice how quiet it was?  How calm you may have felt inside?  Or were you too preoccupied with the things going on back in your regular life?  If you can, I encourage you to visit a quiet, deserted areas either by yourself or with a friend, and find some peace.

Peace is in forgiveness and thankfulness.  They’re not easy things to do, but if you are consistently expressing your gratitude for the people and things in your life, you will feel more at peace, more content.  If you do happen to have a fight with a friend or partner, make sure to express your apologies, ask for forgiveness if necessary as soon as the dust has settled, and talk about what happened and what steps you both will take to prevent future fights on the same topic.

Want more on the topic of peace? Check out this other blog post I wrote today.

Share your thoughts on peace and the holidays below.


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