Holidays and Relationships

Holidays have a funny way of putting stress on relationships.  Today’s post is dedicated to healthy things to do for your relationships this holiday season.


  • Get a babysitter and go shop for the kids presents together.
  • Plan a romantic dinner either at home or at a restaurant.
  • Get each other pre-Christmas gifts for a special evening mid December (December 9-16)
  • Watch a holiday movie together
  • One day plan to stay in bed late or go to bed early
  • Go food shopping together for healthy fruits, vegetables and other super nutritious foods
  • For more date night ideas, see this blog post


  • Meet for coffee after work/after the kids are in bed
  • Email each other weekly with thoughts, challenges, struggles and joys
  • Get coffee together
  • Meet to go shopping together for mutual friends
  • Take a walk to combat holiday calories

There are so many responsibilities we have in the holiday season, on top of our usual responsibilities, that it becomes even more important than ever to be actually writing in time on your calendars to be alone together. Communication is one of the first things that fails, so make sure that clear, explicit, detailed communication is one of the highest priorities this season.  Focus more on quality not quantity this holiday season.

Share your thoughts and supportive relationship ideas for the holidays, and other high-stress times, below!


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