Reminders of Love

Today is week 3 in our holiday themed Monday spiritual posts.  Today’s Bible verse is Proverbs 3:3 “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.”

Love is an essential ingredient that is missing from many lives.  Without love the world is a very sad and depressing place to live in.  Love is so essential to all Christmas stories, including Santa, because what was given at Christmas was because of love.  Santa didn’t give because he had to, he gave because he loved to and loved to see the children happy.  Baby Jesus was a gift of love because it means eternity and blessings in Heaven for us.  I’m on a personal quest to see and share more love in the world.  Without love, the world has no hope.

Throughout my life I have learned about the faithfulness of God.  People aren’t perfect, but God is always reliable and trustworthy.  Believing in God and His love doesn’t mean your life will be easy or perfect, but it does mean He will continually show His faithfulness to you.  We should do our best to be faithful to others and to the promises we make.  Being reliable, trustworthy and believable (aka faithful) is a very good thing to be known for.  All that can be asked is that we each do our best to be faithful to God, ourselves, each other and the planet each day.

The best way to have more love and faithfulness in your life is by using reminders.  Now, I’m not suggesting you set an alarm for 2:15 pm every day to find someone to be loving towards.  What I am suggesting is having items around your home and workplace that remind you to share love.  Keep pictures of things that are important to you that help you be faithful about your promises and commitments.  Do your best to be conscious of what actions, words and thoughts are a part of your life.  Finally, don’t give up on someone because they have trouble being loving or faithful.  Do your best to love them and be faithful to them (without putting yourself in physical or mental/emotional danger).

Share your thoughts on love and what items serve as reminders for you below.


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