Contributing Through Others

One of the best things about the holidays is that it inspires us to contribute to the lives of others.  I believe that contributing is important. Today I’m sharing two things.  First, are some charities and organizations that you can contribute to.  Before you jump the gun, I’m not asking you to financially support them, I’m asking you to be aware of them, share them with friends, support them in whatever way you can.  Whether you just sign up for their newsletter, sign a petition they start, donate resources or time to them or actually decide to financially contribute, do something to help them spread their message around the world.

Feed the Children

American Cancer Society

American Red Cross

The Nature Conservatory

Books for Africa

VH1 Save the Music

Habitat for Humanity

The Humane Society

Childfund International

The Sierra Club

World Vision

These are only a few of the many great organizations around the world, many of which I subscribe to.  Check out to learn more about each of these charities and many others.

I invite you to check out this other blog post I wrote about how you can contribute with your own life and inspiration, in both life and business.

Share the organizations you contribute to below!

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