10 Ways to a Great Year

There are tons of blog posts and articles being shared now about how you can make 2011 your best year ever.  I’ve complied some of those and added some of my own.

1 set manageable goals: don’t set out to be the president, unless that’s something you are 75% confident you can achieve. Set a low, medium and amazing target for each of your goals.

2 communicate: if we all communicated a little more clearly and frequently, it would make a world of difference.  Check out communication tips online or read a book on effective communication.

3 balanced eating: eat healthy as well as what makes you happy.  Try to eat healthy at least 70% of the time and not so healthy no more than 30% of the time.

4 subscribe to helpful, educational and positive newsletters & blogs

5 read educational, inspirational, and motivational books

6 watch 75% less news on tv: the way news is shared in the world right now, most of it is depressing.  Watching less will help you have a more positive outlook on life as well as free up some of your time.

7 get outside more: we spend way too much time inside and not nearly enough actually interacting and spending quality time with nature.  Get outside for at least 5 minutes each day (not including walking to/from your car.)

8 write down a detailed 2011 plan for heath, wealth, career/business, spirituality, relationships, legacy/contributing

9 spend at least 10 minutes each day loving and caring for yourself

10 commit to be yourself

What will you do this year to make 2011 a great year?  Share your thoughts below.


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