The Possibilities of Hope

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.” Christopher Reeve

Today’s quote really inspires me.  After talking about Dr. Martin Luther King last week, I’m excited to be talking about this bit of inspiration from Christopher Reeve.  There’s a couple important things to notice here.

First, hope is a choice.  Every day we make choices that impact what we do, how we do it and the people who are involved.  Each and every day I get up and make one decision: to share hope with the world.  It’s not always an easy decision, but it’s really important to me.  I believe that hope is so important to each and every person’s life today.  You can choose if you want to live focused on your problems, mistakes, bad decisions and challenges.  Or you can choose to live with hope about the opportunities that are available and doors that will open for you.

Second, once you’ve made the decision to live and share hope, the world opens to you.  When you live closed off to the possibilities of the world (when you reject hope), you limit your life and yourself.  You basically decide that you don’t want to be as successful as you could in life, you don’t want to work as well as you could, you don’t want to be happy in life and you want to be miserable as long as you live.  However, the decision to live with hope gives you possibilities. If you’re hopeful you’ll see options not problems, opportunities and not issues, and chances not closed doors.  Yes you will have challenges, but the attitude shift you’ve chosen towards hope will help you see those challenges in a whole new light than you would if you didn’t choose hope.

If you asked Warren Buffet, Babe Ruth, Christopher Columbus, Oprah, Marie Curie, Jesus, or any other successful, transformational individual if they lived with an attitude of hope or one that limited them, I’m pretty sure that all of them would tell you that they had hope in something that they could accomplish what they set out to do.

I encourage you to choose to live with hope today.  It’s not always the easiest decision, but it’s always the best.  Share your commitment to hope, the way you share hope with the world or your thoughts below!


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