The Why of Confidence

As I was planning my blog posts for this week, I decided I would write one about confidence.  Confidence is something that makes people happier, improves self-esteem and helps people be successful.  I’ve written in the past about some ways to be confident and there are tons of resources available online for improving your self-confidence.  Today however, I’m sharing about one way that I’ve seen shared a lot in a slightly different context, but I realized it’s a great way to build your confidence.

Everyone needs a “why” in life.  The reason you get out of bed, the reason you run your own business, the reason you work at the job you do, the reason you’re in the relationships you’re in. What are some of your “whys?”

What I’ve discovered is that when I use my “why” in my conversations with potential clients, I feel more confident!  When I remember my “why” while I’m dealing with writer’s block, I often get inspired, and my confidence in my writing returns.  Your “why” will give you confidence too!

Why does having a “why” give you confidence?  It lights that important fire within you. Confident people are inspired and driven by something or someone.  It also gives you energy. Confident people are usually very alert looking and seem to have a special energy around them that makes everyone around them notice them. Having a “why” gives you a purpose.  Confident people are not only purpose-driven, but they’re also purpose inspired and make decisions based on that purpose.

To get you started, I’m going to share one of my “whys” and I would love to hear your “why” below!

My why starts with you.  I have seen so many unhappy, unsuccessful, unfulfilled people.  These people are living this way for no reason!  There are so many opportunities available to each of us today, opportunities for personal development, relationship openness, financial security and future possibility that people are either ignoring or unaware of.  Each day I do what I do in hopes of showing one more person the possibilities that lie within themselves, in their relationships and in their creativity.  One place it started for me was with a fresh perspective, a perspective of hope for each and every day.

What is your why?  Share what motivates you and gives you your hope for tomorrow below!


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