Your Life, Transformed

Today I’m sharing a bit from my weekly devotional.  This week’s devotional talks about how God is proud of us and 3 verses that help us to accept God’s pride for us.  One of those verses talks about February’s word, Transformation!
“…So if we start from the premise that God is proud of us, what does that mean for us? I have 3 verses that I think will help us accept and work with God’s pride in our lives.
Ephesians 4:24 shares “You must display a new nature because you are a new person, created in God’s likeness — righteous, holy, and true.”
If you know that there is someone who is proud of you, you’re far ahead of most other people. Most people live looking for approval and the satisfaction of others. You’ve already got it! You don’t need to live looking for approval, just be true to who God has created you, and your life will do more and be more than anyone working for the approval of others could…”

3 little take-aways for you today from Ephesians 4:24:

1-You are created to be like God.

2-God is proud of you

3-Every action you take, word you speak and promise you make should be helping you transform ever more into the individual God know you can be.

As believers we’ve got an incredible opportunity to live our lives in transformation from the individual we used to be into a God-designed world changer!  I encourage you to do something each day that will make God proud of you, and will help you transform into the child He created you to be.

If you liked the little excerpt above, you’ll love my weekly devotional.  Sent out every Sunday, it’s a 1-2 page Bible based perspective on life, love, God and so much more.  Just $26 for a yearly subscription.  Pastors ask for a free subscription!  You can learn more here, and ask me questions too.

Share your thoughts on transformation, God and why you’re proud of yourself below too!


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