The Transformation of Joy

Today I want to talk about a topic I have been considering for several weeks now: joy.

Joy in what is, joy in who we are, joy in what we do, joy in where we live, joy in who we’re with, joy in being alive.

Each and every day should reveal to us another reason to be joyful.   The great thing about joy is that it’s infectious.  It is kind of like that commercial where people see another doing an act of good, and it prompts them to do their own good, helpful action.

There’s two really great things that can happen when you experience joy.  One, you will be transformed.  Because you’ve chosen joy, instead of focusing on the problems you will look for those moments of joy.  Two, if you share your joys with others, they will be transformed too!  By simply choosing joy, your life can become better, happier, and more loving than it is now.

Believe me, I do know it can be very hard to keep that joy alive though.  If you’re struggling with joy right now, I want to encourage you to join me this week as I share each day on Twitter what I’m joyful for.  Share with me and with the world your joy.  Is it essential to share it?  No. But when you declare your joy to the world, the world sends that joy and support right back to you. What joys will you discover in your life journey this week?  Those very joys can bring you to even greater victories!

Share your thoughts and joys below!


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