Transforming Broken Hearts

This month we’re talking about love and transformation.  Today I thought we could talk about the ever fun topic of broken hearts.  We’ve all had our hearts broken at some point in time, whether from a ended relationship with a significant other, sudden death of family member or pet, or by a friend who was disloyal.  Those times, well, suck.  It’s tough being human because we’ve got these fragile things in us called hearts, and we can either choose to build walls like Fort Knox around them, or leave them open to others and accept the possibility they may get cracked or broken.  As painful as it is to have our hearts broken or cracked, I would rather work through the pain of a broken heart, than never have the opportunity to have love in my life. That being said, it means that I have a couple choices to make.

The first choice I’m going to make is to be thankful every day for the relationships I do have.  While no relationship here on earth lasts forever, I am determined to be thankful for the ones I have while I have them.  I commit to doing my best to care for and be responsible in those relationships.

The second choice I have to make is to be grateful for the endings.  When things end, it means that something wasn’t working right at the time.  You may reunite in the future and you may not.  But the last thing anyone should do in life, relationships or at work is continue on even when an ending is necessary.  I’ve been sharing on my newsletter about endings recently, and shared two resources.  One from Jack Canfield and one from Dr. Henry Cloud (long version).  Sometimes endings are very necessary in order for us to grow as people or do better things.

Third, I have to decide that I will learn from that experience all I can, and move on.  It does me no good to stew about what happened or didn’t happen.  What does do me well is to consider what I learned, how I grew and how I will use this experience to transform and uplift my future.  So I learn and apply what I learn to my future, to my next relationships and to helping those in my life.

These are 3 choices I’ve made about myself and how I deal with endings, broken hearts and life’s tough moments.  I encourage you to make these 3 choices in your life too.  Be thankful, be grateful for when what wasn’t working ends, learn from your experience and move into the future.

What are your thoughts?  Have you made choices that have helped you deal with broken hearts or endings?  I invite you to share them below.


2 thoughts on “Transforming Broken Hearts

  1. jurl

    Laura another great post and timely as well. I recently reconnected with a dear friend. We used to be a couple however I made the painful decision to end the relationship. It was a heartbreaking experience and I truly believed that if it was meant to be God would direct our steps. I have learned that we often time hold on to destructive or negative relationships when we should simply let go and let God. I have had to do this with friends and family. I continue to love them from afar however I no longer stick around to be hurt over and over again. I just can’t stand the pain. I am so much happier. A friend once told me people come into our lives for a reason a season or a lifetime.

    1. Hi Jurline,
      Thank you for sharing! There’s a lot of wisdom in what you just said, and your life is proof that making those tough decisions is usually worth it. We usually never completely stop loving someone, but how we love them changes over time.

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