Crossroad Thoughts

One of the verses I am inspired by every time I read it is Jeremiah 6:16.  It reads “This is what the LORD says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.””

I feel like we’re at a crossroads in our lives.  We’ve seen the tragedy in Japan and also recently in New Zealand, as well as Haiti last year.   We’re seeing dramatic actions around the world in Sudan, Egypt, Lyibia, and even some in Wisconsin, USA.  But even more than that, we’re still struggling as a world to rebuild the economy and our lives from the past few years of challenges.  It’s scary to think about these things getting worse or impacting more people, but they will if we don’t choose the right way.

Jeremiah shares in this verse that we should ask the ancient paths for advice.  This is key for us today.  It reminds us that we have to be talking with others about what is going on, not by complaining, but talking about real action steps that can be taken to make progress and improvements.  Don’t just assume you have to get a new job when you’re laid off, or that nothing can be done to make changes around the world.  How we have lived our lives in the past century has led us to believe these things. But the truth is, there are more options available to you and me today than there ever were.  Start a business and contribute to groups doing the right things around the planet both in nature and with people.

So today I want to encourage you to do three things.  One, stop.  Don’t just keep going down a road, stop and check out the crossroads that are around you before you continue on.  Second, ask.  Talk to people!  Find out what the options are in and around your life.   Ask for encouragement and support your friends and family in their respective journeys.  Finally, walk in it.  Don’t just stop, don’t just talk, take action.  Check out a couple path options with people, see how it feels and then decide what you should be relentlessly pursuing.

These are just a couple of thoughts for you on Jeremiah 6:16 (you can read others here).  I would love to hear what crossroads you are at in life and what options you are considering pursuing (I’ll help you with the action steps if you wish 🙂 ).  Share your thoughts below.


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