Signs of Spring

Today’s verse comes from Psalm 139:14. It reads “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous — and how well I know it”

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because everything comes back to life!  I’m always amazed at how the flowers know to break out of their bulbs, trees know to pop buds out and grass knows to turn green again.  I certainly can’t forget the baby bunnies and little ducks that will be around in a month or two as well!  I love seeing all of creation come alive.

Forgive me, but I’m going to let my event planner side come out for a moment.  Purely from a very human perspective, I can’t imagine trying to make all of the little buds pop out on a tree, let alone millions of trees all around the world every spring.  Forget about trying to time the buds with the bulbs and the seeds sprouting, or remind the animals to make babies!  I just have to shake my head and marvel at how God makes it all happen.

It must be the way that God is able to listen to all our prayers at the same time and hear each of them, know each of our hearts and each of our purposes.  Not only are we complex, as the verse suggests, so is God!   God is able to keep it all together and working more beautifully than we ever could.  Even though I’m sometimes tempted to want things happen a certain way, or even go so far as to try to make them happen, I know deep down that I could never do it as well as God can.

So, thank you God for being so complex and for creating such a marvelous world!


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