Purposeful Encouragement

Happy April!  This month we’re going to be talking about purpose!  Do you know what your purpose is?  Do you live your purpose?  Do you make decisions in accordance with your purpose?  There are tons of questions and topics we will be covering this month about purpose, so follow me on Twitter or subscribe so you don’t miss anything.  I’d also love to hear what questions you have about purpose and living your purpose!  I invite you to share them below.

Today though I though I’d get us started by talking about my purpose.  I discovered a major part of my purpose during my Bible reading times years ago in Isaiah 40.  I’m only going to talk about a bit of it, so you can visit my Fresh Perspectives website to learn a more.

Isaiah 40:1 says “Our God has said: “Encourage my people! Give them comfort…”

It’s been my mission for at least 7 years to share hope and encourage people.  I’ve built my business and life around helping others and sharing positive encouragement.  But I’m not blind, nor am I ignorant.  I know there are a lot of challenges and problems in the world.   We each experience our share of challenges and obstacles as we live our lives, some of us experience more than others do, like those in Japan working at the power plant right now. Without some of these challenges we experience we wouldn’t be the people we are.  Many of the problems I’ve experienced in my life have led me to start my own business and be selective about the company I keep.

The situations I’ve been through have also given me a different perspective towards life.

Rather than be miserable and complain about problems I’ve got or unhappily go through my life, I see each situation as an opportunity to improve or learn something about myself and to turn that situation into encouragement for someone else.

So as challenges come and go in your life and mine, I will continue to provide you encouragement and positive support as you deal with your life situations.

Do you know your purpose?  How do you incorporate your purpose into your life?  Share your thoughts below.


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