What God Designed

You know how sometimes you read something and think “Nah, that can’t be right”?  And then you thought about it and it made a bit more sense?  I had a moment like that while I was reading Ecclesiastes 7 the other night.  Verse 13 reads “Accept the way God does things, for who can straighten what he has made crooked?”

God makes some things crooked?  You mean to tell me that it’s supposed to be this confusing and challenging?  And I’m just supposed to accept that?

Have you ever taken a walk in a National Park or up a mountain to a special lake or scenic overlook?  Were you able to see that lake or overlook from the beginning of your hike? Were you able to see the whole road all at once?  I gather both your answers would be no, you can’t see the lake from the beginning, or else it would be pointless to go on the walk!

Sometimes we need to just trust that the road is supposed to be this crooked.

But just because it’s crooked it doesn’t have to be cluttered or unkempt.  Just because you’re living a life that God designed to require a little more patience than some, doesn’t mean that you should neglect the care of your life “path”.

God has a plan for your life.  Just like you can’t see more than the 100 feet in front of you with your car headlights at night, you can’t always see years into the future of your life.  Don’t be discouraged, take it as an opportunity to care for yourself, grow your faith, and prepare for that amazing view when you do get to that destination spot.

Feel like you’re on a crooked path?  Share your thoughts below.


One thought on “What God Designed

  1. jurline

    Oh I feel life my crooked for too long and often feeL discouraged. I fEel like I am going backwards. I had to retire earlier than planned. I working to regain my financial independence. I am back in schooL hoping to rebuild my life.so thanks for this timely post. God has a plan.

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