Are You Honest?

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” Winston Churchill

How often do you stumble over the truth?  There are two thoughts you can take from Churchill’s wisdom here.

First is about being honest.  Tomorrow, April 30th, is National Honesty Day in the USA.  We’ve all gotten used to telling lies, or stretching the truth a bit.  What would happen if we all started telling the truth?  There’s a movement circulating around the world with regard to businesses and people being authentic.  The two are very similar, in fact, if we were to start being more authentic, I think there would be fewer lies in the world.  We wouldn’t have the need to lie anymore, because we’re comfortable with who we are and don’t feel the need to be anyone but ourselves.  This challenge of authenticity and truth often pops up when you talk with seniors in high school or college freshman who are attending a college or studying a major simply to appease their parents, or because they were told to by society.  When you talk with these students about their career path, they usually look uncomfortable, sigh a lot or try to change the conversation quickly.  Because of how the world is right now it takes a lot of courage to stand in that truth, to be authentically you.  Similarly, you may find that uncomfortable look with those who aren’t living their purpose at work and just doing a job to get by.

Second, consider the power of the truth.  It’s been said before “the truth will set you free.”  You’re never free no matter how many lies you tell.  You’re also not free if you’re not willing or able to be yourself.  The truth is more powerful than any amount of lies you tell or truths you stretch.  You will never regarded as competent or respected if you’re not authentically you.

You have a choice: continue to tell lies and support a dying culture, or move into your power and live your authentic, truthful life.

What truth will you discover and share today?  Share your thoughts below.


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