A Gift from God

God has been empowering people over the centuries to do what he needs them to do.  Think of Biblical individuals like Moses, David, and Saul/Paul, these individuals were all hand-picked by God to do something special.  Last month we talked about purpose, and this month we’re talking about empowerment.  The truth is, the purpose God has for you is part of His empowerment plan for your life.

You see, God trusts you and has given you special tasks to do while on earth, and has empowered you to do them. What does it mean to be empowered?  Well, it means you’re given the power, authority or permission to act for someone.  Just like CEO’s delegate tasks and have people like department heads and secretaries who are given permission to make decisions and take actions for them, God has given us the ability to take actions for Him.  God starts just like bosses do, giving us a little bit of power and authority and seeing how we handle it.

Maybe God has given you the gift of children and has asked you to care for them.  Maybe God has given you the opportunity to create jobs for others or help others with their jobs.  Maybe you’re gifted with creative abilities and you inspire others with the beauty you create.  Maybe God has given you the ability to teach others, helping them to grow into their abilities.  Whatever giftings God has given you, I encourage you to use the power He has given you wisely.

The most authentic, special power is power from God.  What are you doing with the power, and the abilities, that God has given you?


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