I Refuse

What have you said “no” to lately?  Stop and think about it for a moment.  If you haven’t said no to anything lately, shame on you!  This month we’re talking about empowerment and part of being empowered is saying no.  As important as it is to say yes and to be open to opportunities, it’s equally important to know when to say no. Let’s talk about saying no for the right selfish reasons today.

1-when you’re sick or tired.  Say no!  Don’t be afraid to turn down a date, fun night with friends or even that extra book with your kids.  If you don’t get the rest, you won’t be able to do the fun things you have to do tomorrow.

2-when you don’t remember your own name.  Ok, maybe it doesn’t get that bad, but when you’re over booked, even if it’s for all the right reasons (lots of awesome clients, kids with lots of fun opportunities, lots of date potentials), you’re not taking time to support yourself.  You must take time to care for your personal needs, physical, spiritual and emotional.  That means a little exercise, meditation, reading, perhaps talking with a coach.

3-when it has to do with your relationship.  If you’re in a relationship, and you value that relationship, you should set aside time each month, and even each week, to be alone with that individual (sleeping doesn’t count).  Maybe it’s a once a month date night out, and having breakfast/dessert alone one day a week.   If you don’t currently have a date night planned for each month, you must say no to something else if you value your relationship.

4-when it has to do with your priorities or values in life.  First you have to know what’s important to you.   These would include your relationships, family, spirituality, and giving back/helping others, as well as others. After making that list see if your life actually reflects your priorities.  If not, you need to start saying no to items that aren’t your priority or part of your personal values, and start putting those items first.

What about your life?  Is it the life you want or could it use a little refusal?  What will you say no to today to make your tomorrow a better day?


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