Empowering You

What do you do when you’re beaten down by life?  Where do you get the strength, the power, to get back up and move forward with your life?  I was reading a blog post last night about someone who is going through their cancer journey for a second time, this time with stage 4 cancer.  They talked about how they have sought out two different types of support for their two cancer experiences.  These different types of support are two of the main avenues of empowerment for all of us in our lives.

The first type of empowerment is what I would call DIY empowerment.  It’s where you go out and research your situation; you go online and look up alternative cancer treatments, you go online and research schools so you can get a better job, you research baby care and development because you’re having your first child.  All of these are important to do and I highly suggest that you do take the time to either go online or find some other avenue of research that you can study and learn about your situation and how others have successfully journeyed through a similar situation.  By choosing to not rationalize or be ignorant or naive, you’re giving yourself the power to conquer, or at least work through with support, your situation.

The second type of empowerment is spiritual empowerment.  This is when you feel supported by the universe itself, when you know the only way you will be healed or get an answer is through spiritual forces beyond your control or understanding.  This type of empowerment is really important because we’re all connected.  Nothing happens to you that doesn’t affect someone or something else in the world.  With this empowerment you know that there is a plan and purpose behind your journey.   Whether you consider the spiritual as God, nature and/or something else, know that it is there to give you the strength to get through another day.

One final thought-you can’t do one without the other.  I don’t believe it’s good to completely depend on DIY or spiritual empowerment.  But, by taking action, learning about your situation and the options available, as well as relying on and trusting that Spirit is with you the whole way, I know you’ll have more support than you could ever imagine to get through whatever experiences you’re dealing with now.

Today, take one or two actions that will support both kinds of empowerment in your life.  What will you do to be more empowered today?


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