Empowerment and Enduring

Are you stuck?  Does it feel like life is beating you over the head about something?  Are you making the best of it or actually using it to build your future?  Romans 5:3 says:

“We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they are good for us — they help us learn to endure.”

Most people don’t run into the street or hallway and do a celebratory dance when they are fired, have a family problem or feel stressed by life’s challenges.  But you know what?  Those challenges are exactly what makes you a more empowered, stronger person, should you choose to embrace them.  The difference between being beat up by your challenges and being empowered by them is that you must choose which way you will go.  Either you are run over by them, or you use them to build your future.  And I say a future is a terrible thing to waste.

So what should you do to let your problems become exactly that which teaches you endurance and empowerment?

1-Take it in.  This may mean you have a 5, 30, or 60 minute breakdown.  You need to open your arms to the emotions you feel and the stress you are going through.  After a brief time, it’s time to move on.  Don’t turn life into a pity party!

2-Get educated.  This is where you learn what your options are given the problem, trial or challenge.  You research online, talk with friends, work with a coach and consider all options that are possible journeys and conclusions of your current challenge.

3-Get support.  Don’t think you have to or can go through the challenge alone.  At least have a friend that you can call or touch base with occasionally.  You may have a host of doctors, business individuals, coaches or friends and family who support you depending on the challenge.

4-Practice Patience.  Challenges don’t clean themselves up in a day.  You may be able to put out the fire, but you’ll have to watch out for embers, and prepare for future fires.  Take it day by day, letting yourself have 5 minutes or so a day to feel the emotions and stress.  Write lots of notes to yourself so that you don’t have to remember everything.  Ask for help, prayer and support.

5-Look to the Future.  Consider how this will impact your future, or rather, how you want it to impact your future. You’ve got the opportunity to create your future, why not make it something you actually want?

What “good” trials and challenges have you experienced lately?  Share your encouragement and support tips below.


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