Empowered by Creativity

What empowers you?  One of my favorite empowering activities is creativity!  I love picking up a pencil, paintbrush, glue bottle, beads, needle or sitting down at my computer to do a bit of creating.  Being creative is one of the best ways to empower yourself.

Creativity is made for sharing!  You can’t create something and not share it.  It would be like God creating the beautiful flowers but having it always be night.  What would be the point of creating then?   Even if you’re not completely at the stage where you share all of your artwork, you should keep creating.  Why?  Because the more you do it the more confident you will become in your ability and the more your passion for your work will be evident.  You’ll also be more comfortable sharing what you do after doing it weekly for many months and years.

Creativity naturally builds community.  Think about some creative people like Einstein, Michaelangelo, Steve Jobs, Anais Nin, Edgar Allen Poe and Frank Lloyd Wright.  These are just a few creative individuals whose creative work has spontaneously drawn people together.  People love to see and share great creative displays and ideas.  I know when I see great work I want to share it.  Another great way that creativity builds and empowers community is when creative individuals get together to do something for charity, like painting a wall, decorating a children’s home or donating resources to a community group like Easter Seals or ?.

It’s easier today than it has ever been to share your creativity.  You can join Etsy, ArtFire, Ebay and other online selling platforms and sell your creations.  You can be on Twitter and Facebook and share what you’re working on.  And you can donate your artwork for local auctions to raise money for charities.  I love encouraging people to continue being creative.  It’s one of the reasons each week on my creative blog I interview a creative individual.

What impact has creativity had on your life?  Would you share your creative journey with my community?  You can contact me on Twitter or my website if you’re interested.


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