Passionate Empowerment

You know how sometimes in life you wish there was just another day or a little more time?  As I was reflecting on the arrival of the month of June, I sat wishing there was one more day in May to talk about empowerment. We’ve talked about a lot, but I feel there is more to be said.  So we’ll be wrapping up May, and offering some thoughts for going into June today.

What have we talked about anyway this past month?  Your purpose is part of God’s empowerment plan for you.  Saying “no” can be one of the most empowering things you’ve ever done. There are at least 2 types of empowerment, “DIY” and spiritual. Empowerment and confidence go hand-in-hand.  Enduring when life throws you challenges-aka becoming empowered with tough love.  Communication is one of the most empowering tools to become more empowered.  Another great tool is creativity.

On my business, family and life blog we talked about choosing to be empowered, putting good stuff into our heads, and what it means to be a good teacher.

If you’re feeling a little stuck, you can check out 10 things you can do every day to be more empowered, and empowering quotes.

So what does it all mean?  Do you feel like you’re the author and creator of your life?  Do you feel powerful at all during your day or do you always feel beat down and under the control/order/direction of someone else?  Do you give yourself permission to be who you are at least 95% of the time?  If not, I hope that you will take all that we talked about in May and first, choose to empower yourself and others.  Second, begin making more decisions and taking more actions that empower and support you and your life.   It’s not impossible to live an empowered life, as soon as you start making decisions that will give you the power to not only live a better life, but help others live a better life, you’ll be on your way to living an empowered life.

In June we’ll be talking about passion.  Often, when you’re empowered, you’ll live your life with a spirit that can only be described as passionate.  As we move into June, I would love to hear your thoughts on what you will do to live a more empowered and passionate life.


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