Days of Praise

This week in my reading of the Psalms I read Psalm 119.  What an interesting psalm!  One verse that stood out to me was verse 164: “I will praise you seven times a day…”  I try to express my gratitude and thanks frequently throughout the day about things that do or don’t happen, people I meet, places I get to go, animals and plants I get to see and for the little pleasures and treasures that pop up.  But that isn’t the habit of most people.  So let’s look at a bunch of opportunities you could have in your day to express your thanks and praise to God.

-when you wake up try saying thank you instead of “oh no” or groaning

-when you get in the shower

-with that first sip of coffee or tea in the morning

-before/during/after meals, snacks, or on-the-go bites

-when you send the kids off to school or your partner off to work

-when you get a good parking space

-when you get mail or a package

-when you find something special and delicious at the food store

-when your pet (or a pet) greets you

-when you have a great idea

-when your children or partner has a success in their life

-when you pay your bills

-when you go to your job or career

-when you get a red or green light that you needed

-when you get that work opportunity

-when you cross something off your to-do list

-when your partner or kids come home at night

-when you see or talk to friends and family

-when you get to get back in bed at night

Some of these events may take a mental shift and a serious effort for you to begin appreciating them in your life, events that you may not have taken the time to appreciate before.  But by remembering to praise God for things that happen in your day to day life, not only will you become more present in your day, you’ll begin to enjoy your day more too!

I’d love for you to share the times throughout the day that you often praise God below.


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