2011 in Words-Passion

Do you have a passion?  Are you passionate about something?  Passion is the topic for June, and this month I hope we’ll each discover or grow our passions!

Let’s start by talking about what passion is.  Passion, as defined in the dictionary is a strong affection or enthusiasm, and any strongly felt emotion.  Passion is most evident when you’re in your personal creative process.  Hold on-don’t stop reading because I said passion is evident when you’re being creative.  Why? Because school teachers are creative, doctors are creative, CEO’s are creative, waiters are creative, sports coaches are creative, secretaries are creative, parents are creative, pastors are creative, kids are creative; essentially everyone has the ability to be creative!  (Can you guess what we’re talking about next month?)  When you see people who don’t seem to be passionate, you can be sure they aren’t currently acting in their creativity very often or at all.

So how can we have more passion in our lives?

Well, you can start a creative hobby or small business.  Check out my creative blog where every Friday I feature an individual who has done exactly that-taken their talents, made beautiful and creative works of art and are sharing them with the world.

You can also change your attitude.  If you’re not passionate about something or someone, or about just having a new opportunity each day to make a positive impact on the world, your attitude needs an adjustment.  Life is what you make of it, and a life lived with passion, and creativity, is a much more enjoyable life than one lived in toil with the rat race.

Another thing you can do is spend your time with people who live with passion.  You’ve probably heard it said that you become a combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  If you want to be passionate about something, spend your time with people who live their lives with passion.  If you want to be creative, spend your time with people who are creative.  If you want to improve your memory, build a business, earn more money, become a great cook, or be a better parent, spend time with those who are doing exactly what you want to do!

So how about you?  Do you live any part of your life with passion? Is it hard for you to live with passion?  What are you passionate about?  Share your comments and questions below.


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