Find Yourself This Summer

Summer has to be one of my favorite times of year!  I love the warm weather, but more importantly, I love how everyone focuses on taking some time off.  Although many people take the time off to be with their families, I want to encourage you to do something special for yourself this summer.

Walk: take walks as often as you can this summer, taking the time not to listen to your ipod, cd player, mp3 player, partner or kids.  Go by yourself, and just let your mind be free.  Yep, just take your walk (not run) all by yourself and let your mind connect with spirit, with earth, and with yourself.  It’s a great time to just relax and not be under the pressures or influences of anything else.  Bring your phone though!  I know that when I give my mind the opportunity to have down time like this, it gives me a list of things I forgot to do, or great ideas I can use in my writing or businesses.

Read: I love taking a book and sitting under a tree or in the sun and reading!  While I highly recommend taking time to read some books that help you expand your spiritual, personal or professional growth, I also recommend that you read some books purely for pleasure.  Whether you prefer romances, mysteries or historical fiction, reading books like those help your brain be creative!

Create: summer is full of inspiration!  You can visit the beach, a park, watch kids playing or capture inspiration from some of the amazing wild creatures who show up in summer.  Try working on new creative projects too.  Summer is the perfect time to be inventive, try new things and get your hands a little messy.  Don’t forget to keep a camera or sketch book with you, you never know when you’ll find the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Meditate: whether you’ve ever meditated before, this is something that is not only beneficial mentally and emotionally, it’s also beneficial physically.  Before you decide that it’s not right for you, I encourage you to think about meditation in the broadest sense of the word: quiet reflection or contemplation.  I’m not asking you to sit down, cross your legs, close your eyes and sit there forever, but you should try it.  What I am suggesting is that you get outside, touch the grass, touch the trees, wander slowly around a park or pond and just be quiet.  Pause occasionally to sit or rest against a tree, taking in nature and life.

Don’t let this summer pass you by without taking time for you.  You’re really important and it’s so essential to care for yourself. What ways do you find that you connect best with yourself?  Share your thoughts and suggestions below.

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