Boosting Your Self-Esteem

Feeling a little beat up by life?  Take some time to renew your self-esteem!  Summer is the perfect excuse for taking this time since everyone goes on vacation.  You can take personal days or go on a personal retreat to take the time to attend to your self-esteem.  What are some things you should consider when you take that personal time?

Love yourself
You are amazing!  Has anyone told you that lately? No? Shame on them!  I know that you are an amazing person, with lots of gifts and talents.  But what I think really isn’t the important thing.  For you see, no matter how many times I tell you you’re amazing, your self-esteem may get a little boost, but it won’t really improve.  If you want your self-esteem to grow, you have to believe that you are indeed amazing.  You have to love yourself.

Each day spend time doing something that reinforces the belief that you do indeed love yourself.  Maybe it’s having a piece of fruit or a salad.  Maybe it’s taking a walk so you can relax.  Maybe it’s that glass of wine or cup of tea at the end of the day.  Maybe it’s meditating every morning when you get up.

Renew your passion
If you’re not passionate, life will get boring pretty quick, and your self-esteem will quickly disappear.  Self-esteem is fueled by passion for life, by hope for your future and by living life in a way that makes it all matter to you. Do you actually care what your future holds?  What difference you will make in someone’s life?   Do you know how amazing your life would be if you lived it with passion?

Do something each day that gives  you the opportunity to renew your passion for life.  Maybe it’s being creative.  Maybe it’s doing yoga.  Maybe it’s taking a walk.  Maybe it’s being with your partner, quiet and alone.  Whatever it is, take the time to do it!

You’ve got the opportunity to do something about your self-esteem.  It’s not something that is created by chance, you have to put work into it.  Take time this summer to do exactly that.  Share your questions and thoughts below.


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