Deciding to Relax

Your first priority should be to relax this summer.  We’re all very busy people, but the best thing you can do personally and professionally is to take a break from your work.  Just for this summer I challenge you to adopt one or more of the ideas below.

Take time off: each and every week either leave work 1 day early, cut down on your weekend activities or go to bed early.

Be yourself: don’t try to please anyone, don’t lie to try to pacify someone, don’t be anyone but who you are.  Spend time with those you love, not those who piss you off.

Let go of a couple rules: everyone has rules that they live by.  This summer cut one or two of them free, let them go and see what life is like without them.   But be warned-big life changes could be ahead!

Try new things: this is one of the easiest things to do on this list.  You can try a new vegetable, go to a farmer’s market if you’ve never been, go somewhere different for vacation or actually support your partner.

Meet new people: are you shivering already?!  Go to that barbecue this summer that you’re dreading and make a point to talk with someone you don’t know.  You never know what amazing worlds your eyes will be opened to if you take the opportunity to meet someone new.

Rest: this is very hard for some people.  If you don’t take time each day to sit with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy nature, go to bed each night for the right amount of sleep for your body, or do an unstressful activity each day, you’re missing out!

Nap: summer is the perfect opportunity to learn how amazing naps can be.  Your kids take them, why shouldn’t you?  You’re definitely missing out if you don’t take a nap each week.

Read: you can read a book on the beach, by the pool, in the backyard or in bed before you go to sleep.  With the arrival of the Kindle and other reading devices, it is easier than ever to read at least 12 books in a year (1 a month). Whether your preference is history, mystery, romance or non-fiction, reading is a great way to relax.

Walk: for all you exercise fans out there this may be difficult. Yep, I’m suggesting that you take a break from your vigorous workouts this summer and just walk.  Ok, powerwalking is fine, but take the opportunity to slow down and see more of the world.

What will you do this summer to relax?  Share your decision below.


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