Growing a Thriving Life

Ready for a secret?  Growth hurts.  Yep, I love growth but it sure can hurt sometimes.   It hurts to go from paying only a few thousand on taxes to many thousand because you’ve increased your income.  It hurts to go through a divorce, believing that you will find a more balanced man or woman on the other side.  It hurts to get yelled at or disciplined by God, knowing that your life needs change.

When growth hurts it’s because an area of your life is being “pruned”.  No, not the shriveled up, funny looking plum, but what it’s called when you cut or trim a tree or bush.  Something that has stuck with me for the past few months was a seminar by Dr. Henry Cloud based on his book Necessary Endings.  I’m not a big Dr. Cloud fan, but I’ve been through quite a few endings in my life and they always seem painful, even when I know that there are better things to come, and this seminar exceeded my expectations.

Something we’ve not been able to assimilate into our culture is that failure, pruning and endings are necessary and healthy!  In fact, you can’t expect to thrive if you don’t prune, fail or have endings!  I don’t know about you but I would love to live a thriving life.  In order to get to the place of thriving, you have to grow, and that takes pruning, and usually failures and endings.

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you see things in your life that could use a little pruning?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below.  Next Wednesday I’ll share some more thoughts on this, so stay tuned!


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