4 Keys to Healthy Growth

Last Wednesday we talked about growth and what we can each do to thrive in life.  Growth and thriving actually begin with some trimming in our lives to remove the dead stuff that is lingering in our lives and holding us back.  So what can you and I do to not only grow but thrive?

~Fail!  Yes, failure is one way to really get the ball rolling towards growth, but only if you learn from the failure and apply necessary changes to your future plans.  Don’t fear failure, unless you plan to stay down and hurt when failure knocks you over.

~Accept and create endings.  It’s never pleasant to put an end to things (unless it was something you really hated) especially in the case with most people with whom you must end relationships and friendships.  Truth is, toxic, draining and hindering relationships, including friendships, coworkers, and partners,  will definitely hold you back from thriving.

~Prune.  Everyone’s life has dead stuff in it, or stuff that has been outgrown.  There’s a time for holding on to stuff, and a time to let stuff go.  If you haven’t pruned your life lately, chances are good you have a lot of unnecessary baggage you’re carrying around with you-both literally and figuratively.  Say “I forgive you” and really mean it, have a garage sale and sell your unnecessary items, or move to a new location with new friends.

~Begin fresh.  If you’ve had to do a lot of pruning in your life lately, it’s imperative that you put good stuff in where you’ve gotten rid of the not-so-good stuff.  I don’t mean buying all new furniture to replace every single piece you sold, I do mean starting new relationships, eating healthier, reading good books, and surrounding yourself with that which will help you accomplish your goals, not hold you back.

This week I encourage you to write the 3 words, thrive, necessary and healthy, on sticky notes or note cards and place them around your house.  Meditate on them and consider what you can do to bring yourself to a healthy and thriving place.  If you’ve been doing some pruning lately, I’d love for you to share your experience with us below!


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