Free for the Future

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

Do you feel like you’re stuck inside a marble block, just waiting to be freed?  It’s tough to feel this way, and it can really impact all areas of your life.  It can be especially scary or difficult if you don’t know how to free yourself.  Here are some tips to help you get started.

Be creative: this month we’ve been talking about creativity and all the benefits it has for your life.  Freedom is definitely one of them.  If you’re feeling frustrated, it may be hard to find your muse and be creative, so it would be the perfect time to take a class or do a done-for-you creative project.  No, these aren’t the same as doing your own creative thing, but they can free up your creative spirit to help you break through the tough stuff.

Exercise: Not at the gym, mind you, but outside.  Sometimes all it takes is a little interaction with nature to get your spirit back.  Go for a walk in a park, down the street or explore a townhouse community.  Jog around your neighborhood or take a hike up a mountain.  Go swimming or canoeing in a lake.

Try something new: maybe you’re feeling stuck because you do the same thing day in and day out with the same people in the same places.  Take a different route to work, meet somewhere else for coffee with a friend, try new foods for dinner, trade cars with your partner or spouse for the day, move your home office around, or watch a different TV show.

If these three ideas can’t get you re-started, it may be time to look at making some bigger changes.  A new job, new friends, or move to a new city or state perhaps.  Many good things start with a big change.

Where will you start this week to break through?


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