Who are You?

Have you ever been at a networking meeting, wedding, special event or even at the supermarket and someone asked you what you do for a living?  Many people would grimace and begrudgingly share the sad story of the job they hate and position they’re thinking about leaving.   I don’t know if I would want to ask you about the rest of your life if you replied that way when I asked you.

But what if you actually liked what you did, who you were and the life you lived?

You might break into a big smile when asked what you do and joyfully share about the career you have, family you love and places God is taking you.  Many people today are discovering exactly who they are and who God has made them to be.  What about you?  Do you love your life?  Do you enjoy who you are?  Do you like spending time with yourself?  Do you like what you see in your future?  If not, I want to encourage you to take the month of August and be committed to creating a life and self that you love.

First, commit each day to spending some time alone, doing things you like. This alone time is crucial for not only discovering who you are but meeting your needs.  Even if it’s only 5 minutes, take the time to sit quietly, meditate, create something, do yoga, read the Bible or another spiritual book, or listen to some inspirational audios.

Second, start learning.  It’s a lot easier to create something great with some support.  Read books, join in on conversations on Facebook and in small groups that meet where you live and do things that will help you discover who you are. If you can’t commit time to this each day, commit at least an hour a week to learning.

Third, this month on Fridays we’ll be talking about living with commitment, passion, and dreams.  Each week I’ll share a little more on how each of those 3 areas will help you discover who you are.  If you have thoughts and challenges in those areas, I invite you to share your questions through my website or on Twitter.

As I ask on Twitter: “How do you describe yourself in 140 characters or less?”


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