Half Way Hope

It’s August, can you believe it!  It seems like just yesterday it was chilly and April and now it’s warm and August. I’m so thankful for where God has brought us to.  As I was looking back through some of the devotions I’ve written, I found some encouragement that I want to share with you today:

Above all else I want you to know that you are significant.  You matter to God and to me (as well as other people I’m sure).  Second, ask for help.  I said it earlier, know your breaking point and don’t let it get to the point of being steamrolled before you ask for help.  In most cases help is a babysitter, friend or coworker away.  Finally, I encourage you to make a choice.  Choose to live a life of significance.  Live your life in a way that you’re satisfied with yourself, your day, your interactions, your conversations and your relationship with God.  And don’t forget, the world wasn’t created in a day, take each day one step at a time.

If you’re feeling discouraged today, contact me on my website (or email  me).  I’d be honored to share some encouragement with you.


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