2011 in Words- Commitment

This month, August, is all about commitment.  Commitment is a promise, contract, pledge, or obligation to something or someone.  There are a lot of different things we can commit to, a favorite TV show, a person, a job or something to eat.

What are some things that I’ve personally committed to?

-sharing hope

-being honest

-following my intuition/gut


-my business

-my client’s success

-living out my purpose

-being a good friend and partner

-helping others

-charitable giving

-reading/personal growth


-eating well

-my future



These are just a few of the things that I personally am committed to.  Maybe you were surprised by some of the things I am committed to, I’d love to hear your thoughts below.   Everyone has their own values that they’ve committed to, things that are important enough to them that they want to do more than just decide to be involved with.  What are you committed to?

This month I want to encourage you to be committed too.  Pick 3 things that you are going to commit (promise) to spend time working on this month.  My suggestion would be that you pick one personal, one relational and one financial/future oriented thing to work on.

What will you commit to?  Share your commitments below so we can encourage each other.


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