Game Over?

Last week around the USA, people met to listen to some of the best leaders speak on leadership, spirituality and life at the Global Leadership Summit. One of the great thoughts that came out of the Summit was this:

“Failure doesn’t mean “game over.” It means try again with your new experience.”
Len Schlesinger

You’ve heard it said before that failure is only really failure when you don’t get back up when you get beaten down.  You can choose to be defeated by your failure or you can choose to see it as an opportunity.

The blessing of failures is that you’ve learned what doesn’t work and you’ve probably learned a few other things through the journey.  It’s one of the reasons I recommend keeping notes or journaling so that you can go back and see not only your successes and what worked, but also find where you should have done something differently.  You’ll learn so much about yourself when you do this.

The blessing of experience is that you’ve been given a gift of working through something and now can help someone else through that experience, or you can even help others avoid that experience all together.  Each experience adds a little more spark to your life, dimension to your story and perspective to your attitude.

It isn’t easy to just bounce back after a failure, but the truth is that you’ve got a choice to either live that failure as a “game over” or just a turnaround in life.  Personally, I love turnarounds and new experiences.

What about you?  Are you struggling with a failure?  Share your challenge below and I’ll share some perspective shifts with you.


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